Alternative Methodologies

Last Reviewed Date
July 11, 2023

These resources can help guide CCDF Lead Agencies that use alternative methodologies to establish payment rates. 

Tips for Completing a Narrow Cost Analysis

The webinar lets participants learn how to use available data and the Provider Cost of Quality Calculator (PCQC) to conduct a narrow cost analysis.

Requirements and Options for Increasing Subsidy Payments and Setting Rates

This webinar helps CCDF Lead Agencies understand the requirements and options for including cost-of-care information when setting subsidy rates. 

Addressing Equal Access through Alternative Methodologies and Cost Analyses 

This webinar explains alternative methodologies and narrow cost analyses to inform subsidy payment rates considering equal access. 

Let's Talk About Alternative Methodologies Webinars

This is a series of national webinars about the use of cost-based alternative methodologies and improving the use of cost data for Lead Agencies.

Provider Cost of Quality Calculator

The PCQC helps estimate the annual costs and revenue of operating a center or home-based child care program at different quality levels. 

Narrow Cost Analysis: A Three-Part Series for CCDF Lead Agencies

This report guides Lead Agencies that perform a narrow cost analysis iwhen considering cost information when setting payment rates. 

Market Rate Surveys and Alternative Methodology to Inform Subsidy Payment Rates

This resource provides research- and expert-informed guidance on collecting data on child care prices and costs for setting subsidy payment rates.