National Technical Assistance Center for Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five (PDG B-5)

The National Technical Assistance Center for Preschool Development Grants Birth Through Five (PDG B-5) TA Center supports states/territories/Tribes in building, enhancing, and expanding birth through 5 mixed delivery systems and high-quality B-5 programs and services. The Center provides general technical assistance to all states/territories/Tribes, along with support that is designed to meet the needs of the individual PDG B-5 grantees. Technical assistance is provided through a variety of formats including a national convening, peer learning opportunities, workshops, webinars, toolkits, resource documents and individual consultations with state staff.


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Highlighted Tools and Resources
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The Building and Using Data Systems page provides resources to help states and strategic partners determine their data needs and adopt best practices for data management.

Child with special needs plays on a swing

 The Including Children with Special Needs page provides resources about the IDEA programs for early intervention services for infants and toddlers and early childhood special education services for preschoolers.

Smiling girl holding piggy bank

The Sustaining Finances page provides resources that support states and tribes in developing sustainable financing for early childhood initiatives.

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The Establishing Governance and Sustainable Partnerships page shows examples of using governance structures to streamline program administration for early childhood strategic partnerships.

Adult holds a child's hand

The Supporting Families Experiencing Homelessness page offers resources with data-driven recommendations to engage with families experiencing homelessness.

Mother helps child with special needs to play guitar

The Supporting Family Engagement page showcases resources related to strengthening family engagement within early childhood care and education (ECCE) services.

Child crawls out of sandbox

The Developing High-Quality Infant & Toddler Programs page highlights resources for improving the policies and practices for high-quality infant and toddler programs.

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The Coordinating Eligibility & Enrollment page contains resources to inform state and local groups who are coordinating enrollment services with eligibility.

children painting with watercolors

The Equity in State Systems page showcases resources for improving equity in state ECE policies, efforts, and systems.

teacher and children play with puzzles

The Supporting Health & Wellness Services page provides resources on topics such as emotional wellbeing and emergency training.

baby plays with toys on grass

The Building a Comprehensive Early Care and Education System page offers resources on strengthening ECE systems and working with mixed delivery options.

children listen to teacher read a book

The Developing a Mixed Delivery System page features resources on on the advantages and implementation of mixed delivery systems to benefit family choice of ECE services. 

children look at a lake

The Engaging Rural Communities page includes resources on supporting families with early childhood programs in rural communities. 

boy interacts with pigeons

The Supporting Transitions & Alignment page provides resources on strategies to support kindergarten transitions and pre-K to 3 alignment.

woman reads to children in classroom

The Developing a High-Quality Workforce & Professional Development page offers resources on developing, improving, and retaining a quality early childhood workforce. 

child care provider and toddler play with smiley face drawings

The Enhancing Mental Health & Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) page includes resources that define strategies for supporting mental health and SEL among young children.

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The Implementing Needs Assessments and Strategic Plans page offers resources on designing and conducting comprehensive needs assessments to support strategic plans.

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The Supporting Program Performance Evaluation Plans page features resources on using PPEPs for continuous evaluation of mixed delivery options within ECE systems.

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The Supporting Annual Performance Progress Reports page provides resources explaining the APPR process and assisting with report question responses.