Alternative Methodologies Webinars

Last Reviewed Date
September 20, 2023

The Let's Talk About Alternative Methodologies series of national webinars explores the use of cost-based alternative methologies and improving the use of cost data for Lead Agencies.

Strengthening Use of Cost Data for Rate Setting

This webinar focuses on how to strengthen Lead Agencies' use of cost data in setting rates.

Exploring Data Collection for Cost Studies

This webinar explores California's child care landscape, data collection plan, constituents' engagement, and cost data modeling.

Analyzing Child Care Cost Data for Cost Informed Decision- Making

This webinar explored strategies to analyze child care cost data. The presentation began with an overview of how various considerations may be used to create a cost model. Then, presenters detailed how to use different tools to build a model.

Cost-Informed Decisionmaking and Budgeting 

This webinar focuses on improving your use of cost data for decision-making and budgeting.

Harnessing the Power of Engagement

This webinar focused on the power of engaging stakeholders throughout the cost estimation process. The webinar highlighted strategies to engage child care providers, parents, partners, and advocates throughout the process and how those strategies can strengthen the results.