Comprehensive Background Checks

Last Reviewed Date
January 20, 2023

Comprehensive background check requirements are a focus topic for the National Center on Subsidy Innovation and Accountability. The following resources break down the requirements into easier to understand language.

Criminal Background Check Requirement Resources

This Office of Child Care (OCC) web page provides background check resources, focusing on requirements, FAQs, webinars, and alternative approaches.

Child Care Background Check Basics TA Guide

This guide focuses primarily on issues related to the federal checks required by CCDBG.

Background Check Requirements Highlights

This resource highlights key requirements of the criminal background check requirements from the CCDBG Act of 2014 and the CCDF final rule.

Using Live Scan Fingerprinting to Meet CCDF Criminal Background Check Requirements

This brief focuses on the implementation of criminal background check requirements.

Best Practices in CCDF Child Care Background Checks

The brief provides state examples of websites or technological solutions that have been created to help streamline the process of child care background checks.

Child Care Subsidy Criminal Background Check Contact List

This resource simplifies finding criminal background check contact information for other states.

Comprehensive Background Checks (CBC) Intensive Technical Assistance Project

NCSIA will provide support to Lead Agencies in the development and execution of the strategies to achieve full compliance with the CCDBG Act CBC requirements.

Approved Methods for the FBI Fingerprint Component of Criminal Background Checks: Brief for CCDF Tribal Lead Agencies

This resource provides Tribes with an overview of the statutory authorities and identifies potential avenues to access FBI fingerprint check results.

CCDBG Background Check and Monitoring Requirements for CCDF Tribal Lead Agencies

A presentation about developing Tribal alternative approaches for conducting background checks and monitoring and inspections of child care providers.

Tribal Criminal Background Check Requirements

This presentation shares Tribal requirements for background checks, policy clarification, information about FBI criminal history checks, and Q&A.


Tribal Child Care Capacity Building Center

TCBC helps Tribal CCDF grantees meet CCDBG Act and final rule requirements and enhance the quality, affordability, and availability of child care.

Fingerprint Considerations and Resources

This resource focuses on fingerprint considerations and includes a planning guide for implementing fingerprint-supported criminal background checks.

Fingerprinting: Considerations and Resources One-Pager

This resource lists questions to consider when exploring fingerprinting, describes the FBI's Next Generation identification system, and shares about equipment.

Using Live Scan Fingerprinting to Meet CCDF Criminal Background Check Requirements

This brief focuses on the implementaiton of criminal background check requirements.

Contact List, Requirements, and Clarifications Webinar

This presentation shared about a child care subsidy criminal background check contact list, requirements, and policy clarifications.

Applicability of Background Check Requirements Webinar

This presentation shared about the applicability of requirements, the National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR), and the National Fingerprint File (NFF).

Disqualifying Crimes and the Appeals Process Webinar

This presentation shares about disqualifying crimes, the appeals process, and red light and green light determinations.

Draft 2019-2021 CCDF Plan Preprint Webinar

This presentation covers policy clarifications and the 2019-2021 CCDF Plan Preprint, which was in draft form at that time.

Criminal Background Check Requirements Crosswalk Webinar

This webinar compares final rule and Head Start Program Performance Standards requirements and shares a series of scenarios that cross between the two.

Implementing CCDF Background Check Requirements Webinar

This presentation gives OCC updates, state examples, an overview of the National Fingerprint File (NFF), an overview of new OPRE projects, and policy clarifications.