Provider Cost of Quality Calculator

The Provider Cost of Quality Calculator (PCQC) helps you estimate the annual costs and revenue of operating a center or home-based child care program at different quality levels. This information can help owners and operators better understand the factors that influence costs and revenue and help the policy community design financial supports. Intended audiences include the following:

  • State and territory Child Care and Development Fund Administrators and staff
  • Policymakers
  • Child care resource and referral agency staff
  • Child care organizations and networks
  • Owners and operators of child care centers and family child care homes

The following resources can help you use PCQC. They offer an overview of PCQC’s capabilities and include instructions to help you enter data.

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Start using the Provider Cost of Quality Calculator

*New!* Check out the updated PCQC! it features a streamlined design and a cost-per-child output, among other new features.

You can still access the legacy PCQC through this login page until December 30. Learn how to export and save your legacy PCQC scenarios before then by using this tipsheet.

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*New!* User Guide for the Provider Cost of Quality Calculator explains how to use the updated PCQC.