FY 2022 National Program Integrity Webinar Series #2: Identifying, Measuring, and Communicating Results of CCDF Program Integrity Activities

This webinar shared strategies for using available program data to accurately identify, measure, and describe the results of program integrity activities. It provided an overview of the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) program requirements related to program integrity, proposed clues to identify what activities to measure, shared strategies for how to measure success in innovative ways, and offered examples of how to effectively communicate results. Vermont’s Lead Agency shared their experience using program integrity to improve their CCDF program. Program integrity resources were also shared with participants to support ongoing program improvement.

Access a recording of this webinar by visiting this YouTube link. Find links to additional NCSIA Program Integrity webinars on this NCSIA webpage.

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Program Integrity and Accountability
CCDF Data Management and Reporting
CCDF Prevention and Detection of Fraud
CCDF Program Integrity
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