National Program Integrity Webinar Series - FY 2018, FY 2019, FY 2020, FY 2021, and FY 2022

NCSIA's National Program Integrity Webinar Series highlights grantee actions that ensure internal controls and fraud prevention in their child care programs. Below, click on a webinar’s title to be taken to its additional details, including its overview, YouTube link, and presentation slides.

The following webinars have been presented in FY 2023:

Webinar #1: Creating a Family-Friendly CCDF Application while Maintaining Program Integrity (January 12, 2023)

The following webinars were presented in FY 2022:

Webinar #1: CCDF Improper Payments: Investigations and Recovery (December 14, 2021) Webinar #2: Identifying, Measuring, and Communicating Results of CCDF Program Integrity Activities (March 22, 2022) Webinar #3: CCDF COVID-19 Relief Funding – Audits and Auditing, Monitoring and Tracking, and Fraud Prevention and Detection (June 21, 2022) Webinar #4: CCDF Maintaining Program Integrity with American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act Child Care Stabilization Grants (September 27, 2022)

The following webinars were presented in FY 2021:

Webinar #1: Maintaining Program Integrity in a COVID World (December 8, 2020) Webinar #2: Strengthening CCDF Program Accountability (March 16, 2021) Webinar #3: Internal Controls to Support CCDF Administration (June 23, 2021) Webinar #4: Minimizing Fraud from the Inside Out (September 14, 2021)

The following webinars were presented in FY 2020:

Webinar #1: An Introduction to CCDF Program Integrity (December 10, 2019) Webinar #2: Assessing Program Risk and Identifying Fraud in CCDF (March 10, 2020) Webinar #3: CCDF Fraud Front-End Detection and Investigation Strategies (June 9, 2020) Webinar #4: Tips and Tools for Managing CCDF and CARES Act Funds (September 1, 2020)

The following webinars were presented in FY 2019:

Webinar #1: Data Mining, Sharing, and Analytics (December 11, 2018) Webinar #2: Fraud Prevention, Detection, and Investigation, Delaware and Georgia's Strategies (March 12, 2019) Webinar #3: CCDF Fiscal Fundamentals (May 28, 2019) Webinar #4: So You’ve Completed Your Fraud Investigation … Now What? (September 10, 2019)

NCSIA presented five webinars in FY 2018:

Webinar #1: Program Integrity Overview (April 11, 2017) Webinar #2: State-Specific Strategies, with presentations from Massachusetts and Michigan (May 17, 2017) Webinar #3: New York Child Care Program Integrity (June 14, 2017) Webinar #4: Fraud Risk Assessment Tool Demo (May 17, 2018) Webinar #5: Louisiana's Strategies (August 2, 2018)


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