Use Data to Estimate Child Care Supply and Demand

Last Reviewed Date
May 02, 2023

Use these resources to find out if there is an adequate supply of child care in communities within your state, territory, or Tribe.     

Center for American Progress Interactive Child Care Desert Map

This web-based tool displays variation in local child care supply, adjusting for population density, and identifies the capacity of nearby child care providers.

Bipartisan Policy Center Child Care Gaps Assessment

This interactive map quantifies the supply of, and potential need for, and gaps in child care in 35 states in 2019.

Mapping Answers to Child Care Questions: A Webinar for CCDF Lead Agencies

This webinar explores mapping terms, concepts, and resources and how two states use mapping in their ECE work.

Identifying, Mapping, and Alleviating Child Care Deserts

This webinar discusses what child care deserts are, how to recognize them, and how to assess the impact on communities through data-driven analysis.

Identifying Child Care Deserts and Building Child Care Supply

This breakout session on child care deserts and building the supply of child care was presented at the 2022 State and Territory Administrators Meeting.