Tribal Subsidy Webinar Series

Last Reviewed Date
January 22, 2023

The Tribal Subsidy Webinar Series consists of four national webinars delivered over the course of 3 months, in collaboration with the National Center on Subsidy Innovation and Accountability.  

Cause and Effect: How Changes to Eligibility and Payment Rates Can Impact Your Program

This webinar discusses subsidy eligibility, equal access, and enrollment for medium and large allocation Tribal CCDF Grantees.

An Introduction to CCDF Program Integrity

This webinar provides an Introduction to CCDF program integrity for Tribes of all allocation sizes.

Subsidy Eligibility and Equal Access in Tribal CCDF Programs: Tribes with Small Allocation Sizes

This resource describes the CCDF subsidy program, requirements and flexibilities, and strategies for caseload management for tribes with small allocations.

Sample Authorization Form

This sample authorization form can be used by Tribal CCDF Grantees to notify families of a decision or action on their application for child care subsidies.

Prioritization Sample

This sample worksheet can be used by Tribal CCDF Grantees to determine prioritization of families for subsidies.