Tribal Early Learning Initiative

Last Reviewed Date
July 18, 2023

feathered and beaded tassels A Tribal Early Learning Initiative (TELI) is a partnership between Tribal communities and the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) designed to help Tribes create and implement their unique version of a comprehensive Tribal early childhood system. Over a 3-year period, eight TELI Collaborative Teams will receive direct support from technical assistance providers, federal staff, and decisionmakers across ACF Tribal early childhood programs, including Child Care Development Fund (CCDF), Head Start, and Tribal Home Visiting. This individualized and collective technical assistance will be delivered within a peer learning network structure. The team will explore opportunities for collaboration and identify and address barriers to coordination and systems building. Support for the TELI Collaborative will be provided through the Office of Child Care’s Tribal Child Care Capacity Building Center.


Tribal Early Learning Initiative Kickoff Webinar

This webinar launched the new Tribal Early Learning Initiative. Participants learned about the goals, possibilities, and TA opportunities of the TELI.  

TELI Webinar: Indigenous Connectedness 

Teams developed a vision and nurtured relationships necessary to implement their community-based early childhood initiatives.

TELI Webinar: Building Your Collaborative Team Community Vision 

Participants learned about how to build a community vision and brainstormed ideas as part of their TELI Collaborative Team visioning process. 


TELI Webinar: Providing What Children Need 

Participants heard from the Bristol Bay Native Association TELI Initiative and widened their programmatic lenses to understand what children need wholistically.