Strategic Plans

Why Plan? …and, By the Way, What Planning Really Is

This blog post provides suggestions about what planning is and offers 12 good reasons to launch a strategic planning process. The discussion is framed to convey the many benefits of strategic planning.

The Organic Model of Strategic Planning

This blog post explores the concept of organic strategic planning, a naturalistic planning process that allows perspectives and activities in an organization to unfold over time. The author describes organic strategic planning and contrasts it was traditional linear approaches.

Strategic Planning - A Simple Process for Small Organizations

This blog post outlines a five-step process for strategic planning in small nonprofit organizations.

Strategic Planning Module

This module provides an overview of key concepts related to strategic planning and describes what strategic planning is, why it is important to systems building, and key principles associated with it. The Strategic Planning Module aims to help Child Care and Development Fund Administrators and their partners to prepare for, lead, and sustain strategic planning efforts for systems building. It is organized into three sections: key concepts, considerations, and tools.

Scenario Planning: A Prudent Activity for Any Organization

This blog post explains scenario planning, which the author describes as a way to think through “what if” possibilities.

Kids Matter: Improving Outcomes for Children in Washington State

This publication outlines a collaborative and comprehensive strategic framework for building the early childhood system in Washington State in order to improve outcomes for children (Kids Matter). This plan offers a framework that supports the efforts of local and state stakeholders to coordinate, collaborate, and integrate efforts that will lead to children being healthy and ready for school.

Strategic Alignment

This blog post introduces the concept of strategic alignment and describes how alignment is related to strategic planning.

The Capacity of the Early Care and Education System: Response to Section 85 of Chapter 215 of the Acts of 2009

This PowerPoint reports on the capacity of the Massachusetts early education and care system to enhance the quality of programs. It outlines the Massachusetts Department of Early Care and Education’s five-part strategic framework and describes progress to date.

Is Learning Part of Your Strategic Plan?

This short blog post offers ideas leaders and organizations should consider when developing a strategic plan. The author suggests that there should be alignment between training and learning efforts and the organization's strategic vision.

Strategic Planning or Business Planning?

In this blog post, the author differentiates between strategic and business planning and offers a definition for each.