Protecting Children's Health and Safety

Licensing and other regulatory systems establish health and safety standards to ensure the well-being of children in all early care and education settings. Monitoring and enforcement of standards, emergency preparedness procedures, and services that support children’s health and wellness can protect children from injury and illness. The following resources provide additional information about protecting children’s health and safety.

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This resource provides an overview of the health and safety requirements for Tribes who administer Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) programs. Tribes must demonstrate full implementation of these requirements effective October 1, 2019.

In Section 5, Lead Agencies are required to certify that there are in effect licensing...

Effective leadership and program management are key to successfully administering the CCDF program and planning for the upcoming triennial CCDF Plan.

This session explores the development of policies and procedures and the policies and procedures checklist template, and provides sample policies and procedures.

This session explores developing temporary health and safety operating standards before, during, and after a disaster, as detailed in Section 2.4 of the Tribal CCDF Plan, and for P.L. 102-477 CCDF grantees, question 14 of the OCC Program Instruction CCDF-ACF-PI-2019-04, issued July 12, 2019.

This podcast is geared towards early childhood professionals and strategic partners, hoping to use research to inform policy and better serve children, families, and their communities.

This session takes a deeper dive into...

This practice brief explores some of the current mental health needs of school-age children, their families, and the OST workforce, as well as examples of mental health supports.