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La observación, documentación y reflexión son habilidades importantes para el cuidado infantil de alta calidad.

este breve proporciona ejercicio de reflexión para experimente su espacio desde la perspectiva de un bebé o niño pequeño

Child abuse is a prevalent and significant issue in our country. In Federal Fiscal Year 2015, 9.2 out of 1,000 children in the population were victims of child abuse and neglect.

Responsive relationships truly make up the heart of what you do in your work with young children and families. For infants and toddlers, all learning happens in the context of their relationships with the important adults in their lives.

The purpose of this tool is to strengthen and expand strategies to protect the health and safety of infants and toddlers in care.

The following information reflects considerations for the health and safety of infants and toddlers as a unique audience.

This checklist addresses key issues and topic areas to consider when developing and improving consumer education. How do you communicate the information to parents and providers? Keep the following approaches in mind as you review the checklist

Caring for infants and toddlers, including children who are not mobile nor verbal, requires additional and intentional planning on the part of early childhood programs. These children may be physically or developmentally unable to protect themselves.

Developmental screening is a critical foundation for high-quality infant and toddler programs because it helps early childhood professionals and parents understand and support a child’s development and promotes the creation of environments and relationships that are individualized, responsive,...

Early childhood inclusion embodies the values, policies, and practices that support the right of every infant and young child and his or her family, regardless of ability, to participate in a broad range of activities and contexts as full members of families, communities, and society.