Monitoring and Enforcement

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This presentation provides an overview of the last three subsections of FFY 2023–2025 Tribal CCDF Plan Preprint Section 2: Establish Standards and Monitoring Processes to Ensure the Health and Safety of Child Care Settings.

This document elaborates on information about the enforcement tools referenced on pages 22-24 of this guide, including a sample plan of correction, sample letters, and information about administrative reviews, witnessed visits, office conferences, consent agreements, cancelling contracts and...

This sample monitoring form can be adapted by Tribal Lead Agencies to reflect their unique Tribal health and safety standards for monitoring staff and inspectors to use when monitoring.

This document can be adapted and modified to align the Tribal Lead Agency’s health and safety standards with the monitoring tool.

Ideas for creating a reporting process for parents to submit complaints about child care providers, verify and respond to complaints, maintain records of substantiated complaints, and share this information with the public if requested. 

Thoughtful consideration in developing policies related to monitoring and enforcement for child care home providers adapted from the Cherokee Nation’s Requirements for Registered Child Care Homes.

A resource to provide guidance and provoke thoughtful consideration when considering monitoring and enforcement whether conducted by the state, Tribal Lead Agency, or other partner entity.

This Resource Directory provides resources that can support Tribal Lead Agencies in the development of Section 7: Promote Family Engagement Through Outreach and Consumer Education.

This resource provides tips and considerations for Tribal Lead Agencies that are developing monitoring and enforcement...

This resource provides tips and considerations for Tribal Lead Agencies that are using monitoring alternatives within...