Leadership and Coordination

Leadership and coordination are essential to supporting and encouraging collaboration among the state and federal public agencies that provide early and school-age care and education. The following resources provide information about program governance, building partnerships, and engaging stakeholders.

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Early childhood professionals (such as child care providers, teachers, consultants) receive federal and state funding to provide a variety of services to children in low-income working families.

Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Lead Agencies are encouraged to coordinate the delivery of child care, early childhood, and school-age services.

High-quality prekindergarten programs serve as building blocks for children’s education and help prepare young children for school.

These resources provide state and territory policymakers with information about public-private partnerships for early learning, including why partnerships are consequential to different constituencies.

In States and communities throughout the country, public-private partnerships are flourishing.

Federal, State, and Territory governments have engaged in numerous efforts to create a more cohesive early care and education system for children and families. This has resulted in States and Territories creating different governance structures to meet the unique needs of their populations.

This document is designed to help child care licensing administrators create emergency plans for their agencies. It provides guidance, questions, and additional resources to help States/Territories consider how the licensing agency will operate (e.g., communicate with staff, access data, and...

Child care facility lockdown licensing regulations, requirements, definitions, and procedures vary from State to State. States also vary in the trainings they offer programs regarding child care facility lockdowns and emergency preparedness.

This Webinar is part 6 in the CCSSSN’s series of Emergency Preparedness and Response Webinars. This 90-minute Webinar focuses on reducing the impact and trauma resulting from emergencies and disasters.

This document contains excerpts from state child care licensing regulations about emergency preparedness planning and response.