Financing Strategically

Workforce Designs

This report synthesizes information on State policies that connect professional development activities and support effective implementation of a state system of professional development in early care and education. It was designed for state policy makers, early education advocates, and program administrators working to connect professional development activities and initiatives into an integrated system. The report highlights principles and six policy areas that build or sustain an integrated system of professional development.

Developing Fiscal Analyses and Children’s Budgets to Support ECCS

This brief offers state early childhood comprehensive system (ECCS) initiatives practical advice on conducting fiscal scans and creating early childhood budgets. Fiscal analysis and planning are essential for building a state or community fiscal infrastructure to support and sustain early childhood comprehensive system plans.

The Alliance for Early Childhood Finance Web site

This Web site provides a compilation of resources on early childhood finance mechanisms and approaches. It includes reports, memos, PowerPoint presentations, cost modeling spreadsheets and other tools that were created for government and non-profit agencies, foundations, and others early childhood stakeholders.

Education Data Technical Assistance Program's Statewide Longitudinal Data System Sustainability Toolkit

This brief summarizes best practices and provides resources related to sustaining statewide longitudinal data systems. It is based on a four-part framework for sustainability: stakeholder support, ensuring widespread use, financial support, and return on investment. Companion resources include a sustainability planning tool and a sustainability self-assessment.

Follow the Money: A Tool for Mapping Funds for Out-of-School Time Initiatives

This tool provides advice and guidance on fiscal mapping, a research approach for systematically identifying and analyzing expenditures. This tool draws upon selected examples of fiscal mapping research by statewide afterschool networks that track funding for out-of-school time programs.

Provider Cost of Quality Calculator Demonstration

This five minute video provides an overview of the Provider Cost of Quality Calculator, including how to enter data and how to access additional resources. The Provider Cost of Quality Calculator is a cost modeling tool that is designed to assist with calculating the cost associated with different aspects of early childhood services. The tool helps State policymakers understand the costs associated with delivering high-quality early care and education.

Blending and Braiding Early Childhood Program Funding Streams Toolkit

This toolkit provides guidance and resources related to blending and braiding early childhood funding streams. It was designed to support state advocates and policymakers with making policy choices that facilitate the blending and braiding of funding streams to improve access to and length of children’s participation in high-quality early learning programs.

Extra Credit: How Louisiana is Improving Child Care

This report examines the impact of Louisiana’s School Readiness Tax Credits, a unique package of tax credits that has generated millions of dollars for new investments in child care quality. It provides an overview of the tax credit structure and analyzes the impact that the credits have had on the quality of child care in Louisiana.

Tax Credits for Early Care and Education: Funding Strategy for a New Economy

This issue brief examines the use of tax credits as an early childhood education financing strategy. Specifically, it explores how tax credits can be used to raise the quality of services and to make high-quality early childhood education more available to low income and working-poor families.

Making Care Less Taxing: Improving State Child Care and Dependent Care Tax Provisions

This report covers the 34 child and dependent care tax provisions in effect in 28 States in tax year 2010. The accompanying state report card, Making the Grade for Care, grades those state provisions.