Examples of Sustainability Planning

Sustainability Planning Toolkit

This Web site provides a number of resources on sustainability and capacity building. It is designed to support state leaders in sustaining state and local reforms, identifying flexible ways to allocate federal resources, integrating systems, engaging stakeholders, and assessing progress. Resources include a sustainability rubric, sustainability self-assessment, integrated messaging tools, and capacity building tools.

Education Data Technical Assistance Program's Statewide Longitudinal Data System Sustainability Toolkit

This brief summarizes best practices and provides resources related to sustaining statewide longitudinal data systems. It is based on a four-part framework for sustainability: stakeholder support, ensuring widespread use, financial support, and return on investment. Companion resources include a sustainability planning tool and a sustainability self-assessment.

A Sustainability Planning Guide for Healthy Communities

This guide outlines a process for sustaining policy strategies and related activities, introduces approaches to sustainability, and demonstrates sustainability planning in action with real-life examples. It was designed to help coalitions, public health professionals, and other community stakeholders develop, implement, and evaluate a successful sustainability plan.

Beyond Sustainability to Resilience for Community Action Agencies and Other Community Based Organizations

This tool provides a detailed explanation and self-assessment for six key elements of sustainability: vision and mission, results orientation, strategy, strategic resource development, resilience, and the sustainability plan. The tool allows users to rank and track their progress on each element of the sustainability planning process.

Sustainability for SNAP-Ed Programs

This Web site provides an array of program sustainability planning tools and resources. It was developed to support community-based health education and outreach organizations. The resource page is divided into three sections: where to begin, sustainability factors, and creating a sustainability plan.

Supporting Young Children with Disabilities and Their Families in Inclusive Settings

This tool provides information to support training on sustainability. It includes a script and training materials. Through the training, participants will learn about the principles of sustainability and generate specific strategies that individuals, teams, programs, and communities can implement to assure continuation of newly implemented practices.

Sustainability Planning Guide

This guide outlines key steps and considerations for sustainability planning for High Growth Job Training Initiative and Community-Based Job Training grantees. The guide provides a checklist for each step of the sustainability process and provides links to additional sustainability resources.