Early Childhood Program Design and Management

Program start-up begins with planning and design to ensure that the program launches and operates successfully. These resources provide information about community assessment and collaboration, program self-assessment, workforce development, and cultural and linguistic responsiveness.

Current resources on these topics are available from the Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center on the Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness page.

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Engaging families as partners in the early learning process is imperative. This includes engaging them as co-partners in both the assessment of the needs of their communities and in planning strategically for state and community early learning strategies.

This guide is one part of the SLDS Early Childhood Integrated Data System (ECIDS) Toolkit, which was originally created in 2011 to support states working to create ECIDS.

Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five (PDG B-5) initial grantees are required to develop program performance evaluation (PPE) plans that detail how they will self-examine the implementation, outputs, and outcomes of their PDG B-5 grant activities.

Maximize parental choice and knowledge about the state’s mixed delivery system of existing programs and providers by ensuring...

For a project to meet its goals, stay on budget, and adhere to deadlines, there must be a strong plan in place for management and accountability of project activities.

PDG B-5 grantees are required to conduct or update a periodic, statewide birth through five (B-5) needs assessment of the availability and quality of existing programs in the state.  The following set of resources was created to support PDG B-5 grantees in their work establishing and ca

PDG B-5 grantees are required to develop or revise a strategic plan that supports collaboration and coordination among existing ECE programs in a mixed-delivery system with a state or territory.

This webinar reviews Strategic Plan guidance discussed participant questions and explained the Strategic Plan crosswalk and submission process.

Infant-toddler mental health was identified by PDG B-5 states as an important component to their state’s comprehensive mixed...

This session will focus on the value, challenges, lessons learned, and existing resources related to the integration of data from multiple partners, systems, programs, and agencies. A specific focus will be placed on the value of an Early Childhood Integrated Data System (ECIDS).