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This report highlights the plans proposed by the 28 PDG B-5 Renewal Grantees to develop an early childhood data system and the impact COVID-19 has had on these activities as the state teams worked to respond to the demands of policymakers and families during a pandemic.

This webinar focuses on building state capacity to consider equity in data collection, specifically administrative data, to improve equitable access and outcomes through data collection and analysis.

One of the immediate challenges organizations face with the integration of data in the early learning space is how to share information across agencies. A key component for that occurs is the identification and assignment of unique individual identifiers and a common sharing process.

During the opening session for Using A Cross-Agency Data System to Support Mixed-Delivery Systems strand, presenters reviewed some of the innovative solutions to 2020’s most pressing data issues and the organizational needs to support the ongoing data...

This tip sheet on data systems is a compilation of best practices and suggestions to improve the accuracy and usefulness of data collected, improve the reporting of data, and establish a data culture to increase the use of data in early childhood care and education.

Resource developed by Ounce of Prevention Fund. Developing a unified early childhood data system at the state level might be one of the most significant opportunities to improve early childhood policy.

This guide is one part of the SLDS Early Childhood Integrated Data System (ECIDS) Toolkit, which was originally created in 2011 to support states working to create ECIDS.

Lessons Learned from Utah around EC data systems, EC data integration, and documentation

Knowing how many distinct children have been served by one or more early childhood programs and/or services is a foundational metric for a host of early childhood policy and programmatic analyses.

Offers descriptions of ECIDS system design options and provides tips for having a successful ECIDS data system conversation in your state.