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Early Childhood Systems Building Resource Guide: Strategic Relationships...

A non-inclusive list of ideas for Tribal Lead Agencies to consider when developing activities that can be supported through CCDF quality funds, including supplemental CCDF funds provided by the CARES, CRRSA, and ARP Acts, or other public or private funding.

Early Childhood Systems Building Resource Guide: Strategic Plans...

Early Childhood Systems Building Resource Guide: Leadership ...

This Profile of Innovation highlights innovative...

CCDF administrators from Texas, Louisiana, and Alaska shared their stories about their response to hurricanes, severe winter weather, and cyber security attacks that took place while they were responding to the pandemic.

This brief and self-assessment instrument were developed to guide Lead Agencies as they evaluate their accountability policies and processes for their child care stabilization grant.

This webinar, CCDF COVID-19 Relief Funds: Audits and Auditing, Monitoring and Tracking, and Fraud Prevention and Detection, provided strategies for:

This webinar provides a brief overview of how the Provider Cost of Quality Calculator (PCQC) can be used for a narrow cost analysis or to estimate program costs associated with various policy decisions. The focus is on the Lead Agency steps for internal use of the PCQC, including: