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This webinar helps Family Child Care providers acquire the knowledge and confidence to better promote their business.

The Child Care State Capacity Building Center (SCBC) has published a series of guides, tools, and webinars to help states and territories create and maintain effective and family-friendly child care consumer education websites.

This document describes the requirements for posting aggregate data and provides an example of how states and territories can display the aggregate number of serious injuries, deaths, and instances of substantiated abuse in child care on their...

If you want your target audience to visit your consumer education website and use the key information and resources it provides, you must ensure that they know about it....

The child care consumer education website can be a powerful tool to communicate with families, child care providers, and other stakeholders. This webinar explores ways CCDF Lead Agencies can leverage their consumer education website as a communication tool.

Continuous quality improvement is essential for a successful, user-friendly website. To make well-informed, thoughtful improvements to your consumer education website, you should leverage the power of data.