American Rescue Plan Act (ARP Act)

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This resource examines some of the factors that contribute to inequity in the child care system. It highlights ways that the ARP Act Discretionary Supplemental funds can be used to strengthen the system and help more families afford quality child care.

This tip sheet introduces key communication concepts that will help Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Lead Agencies develop messaging, share information, build support, and promote collaboration with executive leadership and key constituents so they can use supplemental CCDF discretionary...

This document shows how Lead Agencies can use this opportunity to address current challenges and move toward rebuilding a better child care system.

This tool provides strategies to create effective messaging on the use of supplemental funding for each segment of your target audience.

This resource provides a list of recommended activities that Lead Agencies should consider when deciding how to use supplemental discretionary funds.

This tool is designed to help Lead Agencies improve their child care systems and provides information on planning with engagement, implementation, and documentation and evaluation for sustainability.

Social media is a powerful communication tool that you can use to increase the visibility of your child care stabilization grant program.

This resource provides a timeline of key dates associated with the ARP Act funding.

This resource provides an overview of the allowable use of funds for the ARP Act Stabilization Grants.

In June, four Region 1 states participated in an overview and discussion about the Region 1 Common Framework for use of federal relief funds for child care.