Topical Resource Collections

Last Reviewed Date
November 21, 2023
Teachers and kids

Consumer Education

Resources to help CCDF Lead Agencies improve, maintain, and develop effective child care consumer education websites and digital communication efforts.

Guidance to help CCDF grantees ensure that information is accessible regarding COVID-19, categorized by audience focus.

Resources for CCDF Tribal grantees that focus on the major fiscal management components of the CCDF final rule.

Tribal Lead Agencies Fiscal Sessions

On-demand sessions designed to help Tribal Lead Agencies increase their understanding of key fiscal management topics related to the CCDF program.

FY 2023-2025 Tribal CCDF Plan Preprint Resources

Tribal Plan Preprint training resources designed to support Tribal CCDF Lead Agencies’ compliance with the requirements of the law and final rule.

Tribal ARP Act Technical Assistance Resources

Technical resources for Tribal Lead Agencies to support their implementation and use of ARP Act and CCDF discretionary funds.

Tribal Construction and Major Renovation Resources

Resources to help Tribal Lead Agencies think strategically about their architectural and landscape designs and ensure they comply with funding requirements.

Tribal Disaster Preparedness Resources

These resources support Tribal Lead Agencies in developing effective disaster plans to address the needs of children before, during, and after an emergency.

Tribal Health and Safety Standards

Learning sessions that support Tribal Lead Agencies in applying health and safety standards to all categories of care funded by CCDF.

Training Resources for New Tribal CCDF Administrators

Training resources for new CCDF Administrators focused on essential requirements, knowledge, and skills with practical examples and practice opportunities.

Resources to help Lead Agencies certify payment rates are sufficient, comparable, and ensure equal access to CCDF eligible children.

Assists CCDF Lead Agencies with developing state- and territory-wide child care disaster plans.

Child Care Health and Well-Being

Resources for states, providers, and families to support the well-being of children.

Creating a Family-Friendly Child Care Assistance Application

This guide can help Lead Agencies revise the content and format of child care assistance applications to make them simpler for families.