Emergency Preparedness

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This resource is designed for Tribal Lead Agencies who operate a certificate program, contracts, or grants to providers.

The EPDRR CCDF Requirements infographics consist of three parts.

This resource can help CCDF staff understand how to describe continuity of child care services and subsidy as well as CCDF provider operations continuity in their disaster plans.

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CCDF administrators from Texas, Louisiana, and Alaska shared their stories about their response to hurricanes, severe winter weather, and cyber security attacks that took place while they were responding to the pandemic.

This resource is designed for Tribal Lead Agencies that operate a Tribally Operated Center.

The Tip Sheet was developed to support CCDF Lead Agencies following natural or human-made disasters when children, families, and their child care providers and staff have been affected. Continuation of subsidy...

Los desastres naturales y las emergencias pueden ser devastadores emocionalmente y pueden causar daños a la propiedad que pueden ser costosos de reparar.

This updated brief is part of the Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery (EPRR) discussion brief series and addresses the key...

Natural disasters and emergencies can be emotionally devastating and cause property damage that can be costly to repair. Child care programs are not immune to these risks and should plan and prepare for any event (minor as well as catastrophic) that may disrupt the day-to-day operations of their...

Effective leadership and program management are key to successfully administering the CCDF program and planning for the upcoming triennial CCDF Plan.