Early Childhood Systems Building Resource Guide

Strategic Plans

Strategic Planning Module

This module provides an overview of key concepts related to strategic planning and describes what strategic planning is, why it is important to systems building, and key principles associated with it. The Strategic Planning Module aims to help Child Care and Development Fund Administrators and their partners to prepare for, lead, and sustain strategic planning efforts for systems building. It is organized into three sections: key concepts, considerations, and tools.

The Rise and Fall of Strategy and Planning

This blog post explores the history and meaning of the terms “strategic thinking” and “strategic planning”. It describes different theories as to what constitutes strategic thinking and planning. The author argues that successful strategy-making is most often an “emergent” process in which the strategist maintains an open mind as to the future direction of the organization, and seizes the moment when opportunity matches organizational capability.

What Your Strategic Plan and Website Should Have In Common – Each Other!

This blog post suggests that organizations should integrate their strategic goals into the design of their Web site. During the implementation phase of strategic planning, a Web site can be used to communicate strategic goals, mission, vision, and accomplishments. The article provides examples of how strategic planning and Web site design can work together to support the accomplishment of goals.


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