Early Childhood Systems Building Resource Guide

Policy and Program Implementation

Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems that Spend Smarter: Maximizing Resources to Serve Vulnerable Children

This brief looks through the lens of State Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems grant projects to identify ways in which they can promote smarter spending for vulnerable young children as States plan for and implement new, more integrated systems. It has a special focus on promoting social and emotional health and well-being, which are critical precursors to both later health and school readiness. This analysis will help state officials, community leaders, and advocates take action to ensure the healthy development of children and their families.

Early Learning Challenge

This Web page provides information about the Early Learning Challenge, including an e-book, Rising to the Challenge: Building Effective Systems for Young Children and Families. The Early Learning Challenge is a major federal funding initiative supporting States in their efforts to align, coordinate, and improve the quality of existing early learning and development programs that support children from birth through age five (particularly those at high risk).

Using the Child Care and Development Fund to Support a System of Quality Improvement for School-age Programs

This strategy brief describes approaches and considerations for using the Child Care and Development Fund to support quality improvement in school- age programs. It is intended to provide information for Child Care and Development Fund administrators looking to improve access to high-quality school-age care that reflects the unique needs of school-age children. The brief is based on a review of the literature and interviews with state child care staff and their school-age partners in seven States.

Statewide Implementation of Child and Family Evidence-Based Practices: Challenges and Promising Practices

This paper discusses the implementation of evidence-based practices for children and youth on a statewide basis, including the importance, challenges, and successes across different fields in human services. It provides State examples, key points for States to remember, and a resource list.


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