Early Childhood Systems Building Resource Guide

Initiating and Sustaining Relationships

When State Collaborations Work, How do They Work, and How Can They be More Effective, More Often: Applying Lessons Learned from Community Coalitions

This PowerPoint resource examines a series of approaches to evaluate the collaboration process, track the path from collaboration to outcomes, and apply this to make collaborations more effective. The presentation also addresses results-based accountability and how this approach can facilitate effective collaboration.

The Partner Tool

The Partner Tool is a social network analysis tool designed to measure and monitor collaboration among people and organizations. It is designed for use by collaboratives and coalitions to demonstrate how members are connected and how resources are leveraged and exchanged. It can also be used to link outcomes to the process of collaboration.

Collaboration Checkup: Assessing and Improving Your Community Partnership

This toolkit provides an overview of partnerships and resources to support partnership evaluation. It was developed to help community agencies better understand the functioning of partnerships so they can more effectively develop and nurture those that have a measurable impact in local communities. The toolkit provides example surveys and other measurement tools to assess both the functioning of the partnerships and the results achieved.

The Good Collaboration Toolkit: An Approach to Building, Sustaining, and Carrying Out Successful Collaboration

The Good Collaboration Toolkit provides materials that describe and support various stages of the collaborative process. It aims to help individuals identify and evaluate individual motivations, goals, and values for collaboration; engage in discussion with potential collaborators; talk candidly and productively with current collaborators; and debrief after collaboration.

Community Tool Box

This Web site contains resources and tools to support community building skills. It includes a range of topics such as: assessing needs, developing a framework or model of change, developing an intervention, creating partnerships, and evaluating an initiative.


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