Sustaining Gains

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Chapter - Sustaining Gains

Technical Assistance in Systems Building for State Leaders

Technical assistance to support systems building, including strategic planning, is available through the Child Care State Capacity Building Center and may be available through other federal technical assistance centers. Please check with your State Systems Specialist for more information.

As states have taken on significant and often transformative efforts to strengthen their approaches to early learning, they also face new challenges: they must sustain effective work that is contributing to their early learning goals. Chapter 3 of the Systems Building Resource Guide discusses several factors that are key to sustaining important work and improvements: 

•  Sustainability and systems building 
•  Sustainability planning and implementation 
•  The sustainability timeline 
•  The people involved, including participants, partners, and consultants
•  Policy, legislation, and regulation 
•  Overcoming challenges 
•  Cross-sector resources