Speak from the Heart

Speaking from the heart means you are willing to express your values in a way that resonates and connects with others’ values. Communicating this throws into relief the values you all share and encourages solidarity to stand up for what you all most care about. These are the reasons that make it worthwhile for people to suffer losses or frustration and still stay in the game of making progress.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What about this challenge moves you or where do you feel moved by this issue?
  • What do others care about? What’s in their hearts?
  • Where do you see overlap between what moves you and what others care about?
  • Are there others speaking from the heart you could illuminate or raise up? Who is expressing values and generating responses? Who is expressing values that are being dismissed or ignored?
  • When you speak from the heart, what words will resonate most with others? What demeanor most connects and communicates your values?