Give the Work Back

As leaders, something we can overlook is knowing when to give the work back to those closest to the problem. This means you must not only share leadership but share responsibility in defining the issue, generating solutions, and implementing those prioritized solutions. You must get people deeply involved in all phases of the process because tough challenges require many viewpoints. This is not about delegating from on high. This is about engaging important stakeholders of your issue, so you share the responsibility in problem solving, and others have a chance to make meaning from all they are hearing and seeing from varying perspectives. Make space for others to be responsible and to exercise leadership for solving tough challenges.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Where are people looking to you to lead so they don’t have to take risks?
  • Where do you feel overwhelmed in the issue?
  • Who are the people that are most qualified, either by experience, proximity, or expertise, to be at the center of the work?