All Together Now: State Experiences in Using Community-Based Child Care to Provide Pre-Kindergarten

This report studies the emergence of the mixed-delivery model in which prekindergarten is delivered in community-based settings and schools. It focuses on policies associated with implementing prekindergarten programs in community-based child care settings, as opposed to Head Start programs, community colleges, and other types of programs. The majority of States implementing prekindergarten programs have opted for some version of mixed delivery. The emergence of this model is significant to the future of early childhood education because it has the potential to 1) break the traditional barrier between early education and child care policies and address the needs of children in working families in a coordinated way; and 2) strengthen the quality of community-based child care programs. Whether the promise is actually met depends on the policy choices made by States and the ways in which these choices are implemented.

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National Organization
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Information Product
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February, 2005
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