Sustaining Finances--ARCHIVED

Last Reviewed Date
January 23, 2023

Sustainability of early childhood initiatives is critical to the successful creation and ongoing life of a birth through five, mixed-delivery system. This resource page provides resources from the National Technical Assistance Center for Preschool Development Grants Birth through Five. They can help state, territory, and Tribal governments develop sustainable financing for early childhood initiatives.

Coordinating Funds to Support the Sustainability of Comprehensive Early Childhood Systems Webinar

This webinar discusses state-level policies and practices that can facilitate the blending, braiding, and layering of funds and enhance the sustainability of effective state programs, practices, and services. 

Coordinating Funds to Support the Sustainability of Comprehensive Early Childhood Systems

This report shares effective strategies, state examples, and other resources to assist state and local leaders in more efficiently using available funding sources to provide quality services to young children and families. 

Coordinating Early Childhood Funding Streams Webinar

This webinar focuses on strategies and considerations needed to build state capacity for braiding federal funding to expand access to quality and comprehensive early childhood services. 

A Review of Fiscal Strategies in PDG B-5 Renewal Grants

A Review of Fiscal Strategies in PDG B-5 Renewal Grants highlights specific state funding examples and how these strategies support the overall goals of the PDG B-5 grant. 

Strategies for Approaching the Use of New Federal Funds to Sustain a Mixed Delivery System

This webinar focuses on strategies to use new federal funds to sustain a mixed delivery system. 

Early Childhood Finance Toolkit

This toolkit is a collection of tools, guidance, and resources for state early childhood leaders who want to learn more about different aspects of financing.

PDG B-5 TA Center 2020 Annual Meeting - Governance and Finance Strand Opening Session

This presentation provides an overview of key issues that affect the governing and financing of the early care and education system. 

Transforming the Financing of Early Care and Education

This report contains information on financing of early care and education for children from birth to kindergarten.

Transforming the Financing of Early Care and Education: A MultiMedia Guidebook

This guidebook explains the issues on financing early care and education programs and systems.

Preschool Inclusion Finance Toolkit 2018

This toolkit explains the financial requirements and responsibilities necessary to create inclusive placement options as part of the continuum of services available for consideration for young children with disabilities.

Tax Credits for Early Care and Education: Funding Strategy in a New Economy

This brief report explains how ECE tax credits to improve child care quality and access for low-income families as part of the state’s strategic planning about financing.

Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center

This web page explains improving the efficiency of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) funding and the coordination across programs/services for children with disabilities.

Early Childhood Systems Building Resource Guides, Financing Strategically

This portion of the resource guide focuses on defining key state-based financing strategies, providing an overview of practical financial management practices, and reviewing financing forecasting tools.

Ensuring Adequate Resources for Expanding High Quality Preschool

This brief explains the steps outlined in the brief to develop a strategic financing plan for expanding resources and ensuring adequate resources for preschool programs, especially when they are expanding.

Virginia Integrated Financing Toolkit

This brief supports local and regional capacity to integrate the revenue streams and resources available to improve school readiness.

Blending and Braiding Early Childhood Funding Streams Toolkit: Enhancing Financing for High-Quality Early Learning Programs

This toolkit allows grantees to explore using public ECE funds from two or more program funding streams to pay for the high-quality early learning programs.

Putting It Together: A Guide to Financing Comprehensive Services in Child Care and Early Education

This guidebook helps states consider alternative federal financing sources to bring comprehensive services into early childhood settings.

Teacher Compensation Parity Policies and State-Funded Pre-K Programs

This brief explains how states and cities are working towards compensation parity for preschool teachers and provides best practice examples.

Braiding, Blending, and Layering Funding Sources to Increase Access to Quality Preschool

This brief allows grantees to understand blending, braiding, and layering of funds in early childhood, and to develop guidance about combining funding streams from the state and local levels.

Improving Public Financing for Early Learning Programs

This policy brief explains preschool funding in the United Sates and allows grantees to examine how they utilize federal, state, and local funding streams.

Opportunities Exchange Website

This website explains how to set up a shared service alliance and provides resources on financing strategies, such as tax credits and market rates.

Funding Landscape for Preschool with a Highly Qualified Workforce

This brief provides a detailed explanation of the process and formula that the majority of states use when funding public K-12 education.

Funding Our Future: Generating State and Local Tax Revenue for Quality Early Care and Education

This guidebook allows grantees to explore options to expand state- and locally based revenue to support their early childhood systems.

Strategies for PDG B-5 Match, Budgeting and Sustainability Planning

This presentation provides an approach for PDG B-5 Grantees to provide the match for the grant and to plan for budgeting and sustainability planning.

Executive Summary: Innovative Medicaid Payment Strategies for Upstream Prevention and Population Health

This executive summary provides an overview of practical lessons learned and key takeaways for how three states used existing Medicaid authority to finance innovative upstream prevention and population health initiatives.

Assessing the Implementation and Cost of High Quality Early Care and Education: A Review of Literature

This report summarizes three areas—ECE quality, implementation science, and ECE costs—to create a conceptual framework that will guide measurement development for grantees.

What Does It Really Cost? Real Results from a State Fiscal Analysis Including Cost and Time Studies

This briefing presents information about studies that explore all cost aspects of a state administration and local service delivery system for a state Part C program.

Navigating New and Flexible Funding Streams During COVID-19

This guidebook provides an overview of federal and state funding opportunities due to COVID-19 impacts.

The Cost of Child Care During the Coronavirus Pandemic

This web-based calculator can be used by family child care (FCC) providers and early childhood centers for estimating COVID-related costs, while incorporating state-specific default data.

Using the Access Framework to Guide Child Care Policy During the COVID-19 Crisis

This discussion guide explores the research around families and providers who are facing unique obstacles during the COVID-19 pandemic, and offers supportive research-based strategies.