Supporting Program Performance Evaluation Plans

The Program Performance Evaluation (PPE) was a component of the PDG B-5 funding opportunity awarded to states. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) jointly with the Department of Education (ED) (the Departments) requested grantees develop a plan for conducting PPEs that will allow them to monitor progress toward their state’s early care and education plan and program goals and objectives and use the resulting information to inform continuous quality improvement. This initial guidance attached provides an introduction to PPE and recommendations for grantees to consider as they develop their individualized PPE plans. Grantees should tailor their PPE plans and activities according to what is reasonable and feasible for their program. Plan or activity components’ application and appropriateness depend on grantees’ goals, objectives and PPE readiness. 

These resources were created to support PDG B-5 grantees in their work establishing and carrying out the Program Performance Evaluation:

Program Performance Evaluation Initial and Secondary Guidance

Additional Resources