Supporting Families Experiencing Homelessness

Last Reviewed Date
January 25, 2023

Tens of thousands of family households experience homelessness every year in the United States. Young children facing homelessness have increased risks of poor health, developmental delays, academic underachievement, and behavioral and mental health challenges. This page offers materials designed to help leaders across the country better understand homelessness and their communities’ needs. These resources also offer a variety of data-driven recommendations to help leaders connect and engage with families who have experienced homelessness.

Increasing State Leaders’ Collaboration to Support Families Experiencing Homelessness

This tip sheet highlights strategies to increase collaboration among state-wide early childhood programs to support families experiencing homelessness.

Serving the Most Vulnerable: Policies and Partnerships to Support Families and Children Experiencing Homelessness

Overview of family homelessness and information about the policies, agencies, and programs that support families of young children experiencing homelessness.

Supporting Children and Families Experiencing Homelessness

Brief description: This resource is a This webinar series allows grantees to build a knowledge base about supporting and providing child care services to families experiencing homelessness.

Leveraging Data to Support Children Experiencing Homelessness

This brief explains existing data sources about homelessness and provides state examples about strategies for collecting data and strengthening data systems.

When the Bough Breaks: The Effects of Homelessness on Young Children

This brief provides an overview of homelessness, including  families experiencing homelessness trends in child care participation, and the effects of homelessness on child development.

Promising Practices for Children Experiencing Homelessness

This brief provides information about agencies that implement programs for families and children experiencing homelessness, as a support for developing needs assessment and strategic planning activities.

Strategies for Outreach to Families Experiencing Homelessness.

This brief allows grantees to understand outreach strategies for families experiencing homelessness as they develop their state’s outreach plan for these families.

How to Support Students Experiencing Homelessness

This tip sheet that contains information and strategies that can be implemented to support the educational success of students experiencing homelessness.

Serving Young Homeless Children under the CCDF Program

This webinar explains the legislative requirements and implementation strategies for serving young children experiencing homelessness.

Self-Assessment Tool for Early Childhood Programs Serving Families Experiencing Homelessness

This self-assessment tool that was designed for child care, Head Start, and public preK programs as a guide for supporting families and children experiencing homelessnes.

Partnerships to Support Stable Housing for Child Welfare-Involved Families

This guidebook that outlines affordable housing and homelessness services and how to collaborate with those systems to help families and youth served in child welfare agencies.

Policy Statement on Meeting the Needs of Families with Young Children Experiencing Homelessness

This recommends ways that early childhood and housing providers can collaborate to provide stable, and nurturing environments for pregnant women and families who are experiencing homelessness.