Strengthen Data Use and Web Design

Last Reviewed Date
May 22, 2023

These resources describe best practices to help CCDF Lead Agencies strengthen website design and better leverage data to inform website improvement efforts.

Using Data to Support Continuous Website Improvement

This module aims to help you build your understanding of key data strategies that can guide continuous website improvement efforts.

Tip Sheet: Data Governance Makes It Possible

This tip sheet explores how data governance can facilitate the state-level data collaboration needed to support website and data systems enhancements.

Guide for Measuring Web Traffic and Engagement

This guide provides an overview of how digital analytics can help inform website improvement planning efforts.

Improving Consumer Education Websites with User Research

This guide describes key methods for conducting user research, and highlights best practices for using results to improve user experience.

Using Data to Inform Your Website - Webinar

This webinar explores data tools that can show how consumers use websites and social media and how to use that data to improve the website user experience.

Child Care Consumer Education Website Type Decision Tool

A decision tool CCDF Lead Agencies choose the type of website that will best support their child care consumer education website content and features.

Guide for Increasing Search Engine Optimization

This guide describes search engine optimization and how it can help increase the visibility of consumer education websites.

Designing Websites That Are Accessible for All Families

This guide offers best practices, strategies, and examples to ensure consumer education websites are accessible to people with disabilities.