State and Territory Administrators Meeting (STAM) 2022--ARCHIVED

Last Reviewed Date
August 16, 2023

These resources were presented at the 2022 State and Territory Administrators Meeting.

Gathering and Analyzing Price and Cost Data for CCDF Plans, Part I

This resource will help you identify requirements for a valid market rate survey, approved alternative methodology, and narrow cost analysis. 

Gathering and Analyzing Price and Cost Data CCDF Plans, Part II

This resource will help you use a planning template to prepare for gathering rate setting data and completing CCDF Plan reports.

Rate Setting Data Plan for the Next Three-Year CCDF Plan Cycle

This resource helps state administrators develop a data collection plan for rate setting data in suppport of their CCDF Plan.

Rate Setting Resources

This list of resources supports rate setting for a CCDF Plan.

Using Process Mapping to Improve CCDF

This session explained how to use a mapping technique to document and analyze processes and cut out waste.

What Are Shared Services Alliances?

This resource explains how a partnership of early care and education programs working together can enable sharing staff, resources, and information. 

What to Expect in the Pre-Visit and Onsite Phases of OCC's Monitoring Process

This session provided tips and strategies to prepare for the pre-visit and onsite phases of OCC's Cycle 2 monitoring

Office of Child Care Monitoring’s Online Learning Hub

This hub provides self-paced trainings and resources to prepare state adminstrators for monitoring visits.

Infant/Toddler Quality Enhancements: Supporting the Workforce

This session explored strategies to support the Infant/Toddler workforce in the provision of high-quality care. 

Investments in Workforce Wellness

This session focused on strategies to increase supports focused on wellness for the early childhood and out-of-school time workforce.

Strengthening the Workforce through Child Care Apprenticeships

This session explored models, innovations, and action steps for creating apprenticeship programs to meet present and future child care workforce needs.

Innovative Home-Based Child Care Workforce Strategies

This resource explains how equitable access to resources and translation to support becoming a home-based child care provider can increase the supply of child care.

Compensation Strategies to Support ECE Workforce Retention and Recruitment

This session focused on initiatives that have been implemented to increase ECE workforce compensation.

Selected State Practices for Interstate Background Checks

This session featured lead agencies discussing their strategies and implementation processes for interstate background checks.

What are Staffed Family Child Care Networks?

This resources describes FCCs, their purpose, and benefits to the national child care system.

ARP Stabilization Grants: Auditing, Monitoring, Fraud Prevention and Detection

This session shared ARP stabilization grants integrity and financial accountability strategies and featured simulated STAT assessments.

Maintaining Accountability in the Stabilization Grant and Subgrant

This brief offers an overview of the American Rescue Plan Act and shares considerations for lead agencies on stabilization grant reporting and monitoring.

Self-Assessment for Child Care Stabilization Grant Accountability

This tool supports lead agencies as they consider their fiscal and program accountability processes related to the child care stabilization grants. 

Using Grants and Contracts to Increase the Supply and Quality of Child Care

This session featured state panelists sharing their grant and contract implementation approaches.

Identifying Child Care Deserts and Building the Supply of Child Care

This session explains how to use data to identify child care desrerts and strategies to build child care supply in those areas.

Supply Building Strategies to Address Child Care Deserts

This resource offers an overview on child care deserts and strategies to address them.

Expanding Access to Child Care Starts with Effective Digital Communication

This session explores how Lead Agencies can improve digital communication strategies. 

Supporting  Families Experiencing Homelessness Through Collaboration

This session explores collaborative efforts at the state and local level that support families experiencing homelessness

Estimating the FCC Costs of Child Care

In this session, states explain how they engaged FCC providers, considered FCC budgets, and used cost modeling to shape supportive policies and payments.

Child Care Plan for Maine: September 2021 Updates

This resource highlights Maine’s child care plan relief funding.

Colorado State and Federal Stimulus Strategies

This resource highlights Colorado’s child care funding strategies. 

Georgia’s Spending Plan for CRSSA and ARP Funds

This resource highlights Georgia’s child care funding plan for CRSSA and ARP Funds.


Kansas Relief Funding Plan

This resource highlights Kansas’ child care relief funding plan. 

Iowa's Recruitment and Retention Bonus Program

This resource features a retention bonus program, funded by pandemic relief funds and recommended by Iowa's Governor's Child Care Task Force.