STAM 2018 CCDF State and Territory Administrators Meeting Resources (STAM)--ARCHIVED

Last Reviewed Date
August 16, 2023

This page features presentations and resources from the 2018 State and Territory Administrators Meeting (STAM).

Addressing the Decrease in Family Child Care

This presentation explores the strategies, challenges, and solutions for FCC supply building.

Building Better Child Care Business Practices: A Strategy for Increasing Access

This resource explains how workforce compensation and supply issues are addressed at the individual child care business level.

Bridging the Gap: An Overview and Discussion

This presentation gives an overview of the Bridging the Gap Project and findings as well as an in-depth look at state CCDF policies.


Implementing Health and Safety Training Requirements

This presentation describes required health and safety trainings for CCDF providers and discusses training partners and methodologies.

Interstate Background Checks

This presentation discusses challenges, practices and emerging solutions for interstate background checks.

OCC Monitoring System

This presentation provides an overview of the the processes, goals, and phases of the grantees' monitoring and oversight system.

Promising Approaches for In-State Criminal Background Check CCDF Compliance

This resource discusses background check requirements, and promising approaches for attaining CCDF compliance for background checks.

State Trends in Monitoring License-Exempt CCDF Providers

This resource discusses the system models for monitoring license-exempt providers, and highlights successful strategies.

Building the Supply of Infant/Toddler Care

This resource discusses implementation strategies for building systems that support infant/toddler care supply.

Developing and Implementing a Research and Evaluation Agenda: Is Your State Ready?

This resource describes research and evaluation capacity and benefits for CCDF Lead Agencies, and discusses examples of successful agenda development. 

Evaluating Quality Investments

This resource describes how data sources and relevant performance measures can support evaluations of quality initiatives.

Supporting State and Territory Efforts To Reduce Suspension and Expulsion

This resource explores how using clear protocols, family supports, and TA coordination can reduce suspension and expulsion in child care programs.


Sustaining Quality Improvement at All Levels of the Early Learning System

Describes continuous quality improvement strategies for ECE programs to be applied at each each program work level.

Using Contracts and Grants to Build the Supply of High Quality Child Care: State Strategies and Practices

This paper provides information on state and territory efforts to use contracts and grants with providers.

Building Capacity To Support State System Change: Examples of How States Have Used the Capacity Building Self-Assessment Tool

This resource discusses use of the Self-Assessment Tool by states to build capacity at each dimension measured by the tool.

Capacity Building Self-Assessment Tool

This tool highlights capacities within and around a state's initiatives to improve early childhood education systems.

Teaming: Enhance Your Team by Rethinking Your Orientation, Intention, and Motivation

This presentation compares teams and working groups, and describes setting goals for and building collaborative teams.

Fundamentals of CCDF Administration

This resource describes the CCDF Fundamentals component, which provides newer CCDF Administrators clarification of the CCDBG law and CCDF final rule.   

Your CCDF Survival Kit: What’s Included?

This resource describes using OCC and CCTAN websites, and the resources available from OCC National Centers on those sites.

CCEC Research Connections

This handout references selected resources for CCDF Administrators on the Research Connections website.

Early Care and Education Link

This flyer highlights the Early Care and Education Link, which highlights Child Care and Early Education Policy and Research Analysis Project publications.

Appreciating the Deep and Simple in Early Childhood Education

This resource talks about learning from what ordinary people do extraordinarily well in everyday moments to nurture quality improvement. 

A Peek Inside the Private Business of Child Care

Child care organizations and FCC providers come together from a business standpoint to discuss how the CCDF program affects daily operation.