Staffed Family Child Care Networks

Last Reviewed Date
Jan. 13, 2023

Staffed Family Child Care (FCC) networks are an important part of the child care solution for families and educators. Successful FCC n are built on strengths-based relationships and equity and can take many forms. The materials can help you understand the importance of FCC Networks, to begin or expand your FCC network, and share stories of successful implementation.  

Staffed Family Child Care Networks: A Research-Informed Strategy for Supporting High-Quality Family Child Care

This brief includes a description of family child care (FCC) networks. It also outlines a well-informed strategy for supporting high-quality family child care.

Staffed Family Child Care Network Cost Estimation Tool

This tool assists state, regional and local organizations in better understanding the costs associated with operating a staffed family child care (FCC) network. 

All Our Kin

All Our Kin provides resources to help FCC providers expand their knowledge of child development and learn new strategies for supporting the children and families.

National Study of Family Child Care Networks

This study focuses on 156 networks to map the national landscape, includes interviews with directors, andhas in-depth case studies of two promising networks. 

Family Child Care Educators’ Perspectives on Leaving, Staying, and Entering the Field: Findings From the Multi-State Study of Family Child Care Decline and Supply

This webinar explains a study that examines factors that contribute to family child care (FCC) educators’ decisions to leave or stay in the field. 

Staffed Family Child Care Networks: Improving Access, Quality, and Sustainability

In this webinar, NCECQA, All Our Kin and Toni Porter, participate in a panel discussion on the importance of staffed family child care networks. 

Financing Supports for Family Child Care

This webinar focused on financing supports for family child care and included presentations from the National Center on Early Childhood Quality Assurance partners, All Our Kin and First Children's Finance.