Last Reviewed Date
January 27, 2023

While each disaster is different, it is possible to plan a response for any disaster. By conducting an after-action assessment of the most recent disaster or emergency, you can know what worked and what needs improvement.  Remember to focus on what worked and building on the strengths that emerged—for example, “Providers knew how to contact us because our licensing staff and Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) contractors provided the phone number when they visited, and we used social media to get the number out following the disaster.” 

Many policies were revised in response to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). As these policies expire or are amended, can the policy language and processes, forms, communication, and so on, be saved for future reference?

Statewide child care disaster plans should include options that Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Lead Agencies and their contractors and partners may put into effect in response to an emergency. 

Flexibility in Spending CCDF Funds in Response to Federal or State Declared Emergency Situations

This information memorandum explains CCDF Lead Agencies' flexibility in spending CCDF funds in response to emergency situations.

Planning for and Responding to Hostile Intruder Incidents

This brief provides suggestions to Lead Agencies on actions related to hostile intruders that should be considered as disaster plans are developed. 

Continuation of Child Care Services: Louisiana's Experience

This brief describes how Louisiana ensured continuation of child care services in the face of a large-scale disaster affecting CCDF Lead Agency and staff. 

Refining CCDF Disaster Plans Following the COVID-19 Pandemic

This discussion brief supports CCDF Lead Agencies’ after-action reviews of their responses to COVID-19 and issues being addressed during recovery. 

What Data are Needed to Support Planning, Response, and Recovery?

This brief addresses the key data needed to quantify pre- and post-disaster landscapes, and to calculate assistance needed for recovery. 

Preparing to Support Special Populations in Emergencies and Disasters

This discussion brief explores best practices for planning to include children in special populations. 

Developing and Disseminating Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Content

This suite of resources covers using consumer education websites to disseminate disaster response information.