Webinar Series - Quality Investments: How to Use Administrative Data and Other Sources to Evaluate What is Working

This webinar series examines evaluation options and implementation strategies to help States and Territories identify the resources, data sources, and costs associated with evaluating quality initiatives, with a particular focus on evaluation related to Child Care and Development Fund quality activities.

Session 1 provides an introduction to evaluation planning and offers a template to guide States’ efforts. Presenters discussed how monitoring and evaluation can support State planning and decisionmaking and  offered examples of how States have used evaluation findings to shape policy and to inform program decisions.

Session 2 provides an overview of data collection options and a tool for mapping available data sources. Presenters help identify specific data elements for analysis.

Session 3 discusses the timing of data analysis, dissemination strategies and the messaging of evaluation findings, and ways to examine the infrastructure needed to support evaluation findings over the long term.


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August 11, 2016
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