A Summary of PDG B-5 Grantee's Coordinated Eligibility and Enrollment Activities and the Impact of COVID-19--ARCHIVED

This report presents a summary of the 23 Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five (PDG-B5) renewal states’ planned CEE activities as they were written into their grant applications in late 2019. The report analyzes the states’ proposed activities for six defining features: 1) nature of the main activities, 2) scope of programs (or funding streams) involved, 3) characteristics of the state’s CEE approach, 4) implementation stage of the CEE activities, 5) geographic level of implementation (i.e., local/regional, state), and 6) use of a data system to support CEE. It also describes the challenges that a sample of states faced in implementing these CEE activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The report discusses the strategies these states used to adapt their work to the pandemic context and meet new needs as well as the implications of these pandemic experiences on states’ broader efforts to implement CEE within their comprehensive early childhood care and education systems.

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