Strengthening Stabilization Grant Integrity with Internal Controls

The brief and the Child Care Stabilization Grantee Internal Controls Self-Assessment were developed to guide Lead Agencies in reviewing and evaluating their internal controls for the childcare stabilization grant program. The brief provides strategy considerations for Lead Agencies on how to leverage existing and create new program integrity policies and processes. The self-assessment instrument allows agencies to self-evaluate, prioritize, and monitor risk areas in their policies and processes to assure compliance with the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act of 2021.

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  • COVID-19
    • American Rescue Plan Act (ARP Act)
    • Stabilization Grants
  • Program Integrity and Accountability
    • CCDF Program Integrity
      • Prevention and Reduction of Errors
    • CCDF Prevention and Detection of Fraud
      • Policy, Procedures, and Systems
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