STEAM Resources

The National Center on Early Childhood Development, Teaching, and Learning in partnership with the Office of Head Start is going “full STEAM ahead” with children and families. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) learning happens naturally everyday as children explore, play, and try new things. Teachers and family child care providers support this learning when they provide feedback to deepen children’s understanding of STEAM concepts and ideas and help children develop more complex language skills.

Below you can access online resources as well as download additional PDF resources to support STEAM thinking and learning. Review the list below of the included resources to share with education staff and families.

STEAM Resources available online

STEAM Resources included as attachments below: Seven booklets full of STEAM-related information for all children birth to five and their families, teachers, family child care providers, home visitors, education managers, and supervisors.

  • Booklet 1: STEAM iPDF- Understanding STEAM and How Children Use It
  • Booklet 2: STEAM is All Around
  • Booklet 3: Speaking the Language of STEAM
  • Booklet 4: Exploring STEAM at Home
  • Booklet 5: Thinking STEAM
  • Booklet 6: Making STEAM Accessible to Everyone
  • Booklet 7: Supporting STEAM


We encourage you to tune in to the Teacher Time webinar series and listen for topics or areas that spark your attention. Then use these resources to further your learning or share information with your teaching staff!


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February 7, 2020
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Other/Miscellaneous Resources
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