SCBC Infant/Toddler Specialist Network Hot Topic Webinars 2018

The Child Care State Capacity Building Center (SCBC) Infant/Toddler Specialist Network hosted a series of 1-hour Hot Topic Webinars on the 3rd Wednesday of each month beginning on March 21 and running through September 19, 2018. These webinars were designed to do the following:

¨     Raise awareness about particular topics or issues.

¨     Provide related resources.

¨     Inspire continued conversation, topic exploration, and further action.

The following sessions were held and resources are available by clicking the links:

Reflective Supervision: A Systems Approach

This webinar considers the impact of regular collaborative reflection among TA providers, supervisors, and early care and education professionals.


Integrating Evaluation into Infant/Toddler Initiatives

This webinar explores considerations and methodologies related to the evaluation of state, territory, or tribal I/T initiatives.


Impacted by Opioid Misuse: Perspectives from an Infant and Toddler Lens
This webinar provides facts and resources to support responsive care to families struggling with challenges related to opioid abuse.


Supporting FCC Providers Who Serve Mixed-Age Groups with Infants and Toddlers
This webinar provides information and resources to assist technical assistance and professional development practitioners who support FCC providers as they care for mixed-age groups.


Using the Infant/Toddler Resource Guide to Support Your Work

This webinar provides an opportunity to learn about the Infant/Toddler Resource Guide and explore how to access and use resources to support policy development, training, coaching, and the development or rollout of I/T initiatives.


Supporting the Social-Emotional Health of Infants, Toddlers, and Adults During Natural Disasters and Emergencies
This webinar features resources and practices to support infants, toddlers, families, and teachers during times of national disasters.


Leveraging Higher Education Systems to Support Access to Infant/Toddler Credentials
This webinar explores state examples of partnerships between child care and higher education in the development of Infant/Toddler credentials that represent an entry point to further education and a successful and accessible journey along career and education pathways.

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September 28, 2018
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