Resource Guide: Child Development Resources for Parents and Providers

Child development describes the process of children accruing the ability to do increasingly difficult or complex activities as they grow older. Child development is separated into five categories: cognitive, language, motor, sensory, and social and emotional. Parents and other adults, such as grandparents and child care providers, play important roles in a child’s development. The environment is also an important factor in development because it stimulates learning. Providing stable relationships that are socially and emotionally nurturing, and environments that are safe and age appropriate are essential to healthy human development. Parents and providers may have questions about how to support children’s development and how to establish developmentally appropriate environments. This resource guide is designed to help parents and providers find information about the following child development topics: developmental milestones, social and emotional development, early learning, promoting cultural diversity and inclusion, health and safety, teaching materials and learning activities, curricula, and book distribution lists. Download the PDF (in English or en Español) below to learn more.

Publication Date: 
February 21, 2017
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Resource Guide
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