Reaching Out to Families

Program staff members find opportunities to build relationships and support families in their work every day. Lead agencies are adapting their outreach practices and are trying new strategies to ensure that they reach as many families as possible. This effort includes outreach to families experiencing homelessness, families with limited English proficiency, and families living in rural or remote areas. 


Watch Reaching Out to Families to explore the Family Outreach Series. In this webinar, explore the set of resources and review strategies that you can use to support your outreach work at the regional, state, and local levels!


Your work environment has changed. This webinar will also provide an opportunity for you to learn new ways that agencies are reaching out to families and to share your own ideas!


Topics for the Webinar

Review the Family Outreach Series, which includes the following resources: Strategies for Outreach to All Families: Overview Strategies for Outreach to Families Experiencing Homelessness Strategies for Outreach to Families Living in Remote or Rural Areas Strategies for Outreach to Families with Limited English Proficiency  Learn strategies for reaching out to families in a virtual setting Learn strategies to support the development of strong relationships and effective family engagement


Target Audience

Child Care and Development Fund lead agencies and their partners Child care resource and referral agencies Child care subsidy staff Others responsible for outreach efforts
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  • Early Childhood Program Design and Management
    • Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness
  • Family Engagement and Consumer Education
    • Supports and Services for Families
      • Relationship-Based Practice
      • Engaging Diverse Families
    • Informing Child Care Consumers
      • Family Friendly Outreach
  • System Planning and Implementation
    • Outreach and Participation
  • Quality Improvement
    • Outreach and Consumer Education
      • Outreach to Diverse Populations
  • Stable Financial Assistance to Families
    • Prioritizing Vulnerable Children and Families
      • Families Experiencing Homelessness
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