Quality Rating and Improvement System Fact Sheets

This is a series of fact sheets about the state of quality rating and improvement systems (QRIS). Data are from the Quality Compendium, a catalog of the QRISs operating in the United States.

QRIS Structure, Organization, and Administration

Program Participation

Quality Indicators

Special Populations 

Observational Tools

Program Support and Incentives

  • Technical Assistance (2019) about how technical assistance (TA) was carried out across QRISs in 2019. Describe are the types and focus areas of TA, number and types of TA providers delivering services for QRISs, and processes for providing TA.
  • Continuous Quality Improvement in QRISs (2017) describes the number of QRISs that used continuous quality improvement (CQI) in 2017. It also summarizes different CQI strategies used in QRISs.
  • Funding and Financial Incentives (2016) summarizes QRIS funding and financial incentives in 2016.
  • Technical Assistance (2016) describes how TA was implemented across QRISs in 2016. Explored are methods for targeting TA to early care and education programs, whether standardized processes are used, and details on the dosage of onsite support.
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