Encourage Parent-Child Relationships Infographic

Caring and responsive parent-child relationships help children thrive in school and in life. Explore this research-based infographic to learn how and why the parent-child relationship is important. Review strategies child care program supervisors and staff can use the infographic to promote these relationships.


  • Distribute during staff orientation
  • Review with staff and have them journal when they observe strong parent-child relationships
  • Provide opportunities for staff to share at future staff meetings
  • Use “Value, Respect, and Support” prompts in role plays at staff meetings or during reflective supervision
  • Display on the wall as a reminder to staff

Program Staff

  • Distribute during parent orientation
  • Share with a parent as a conversation starter in the classroom or during a home visit
  • Display in the classroom or home care setting to demonstrate the commitment to parent-child relationships and to promote discussion of program goals


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February 9, 2018
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