Office of Child Care Tribal Consultation

Tribal Leaders or their designated representatives were invited to join the Office of Child Care (OCC) and other Tribal Leaders for a virtual consultation regarding the FY 2023–2025 Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Tribal Plan Preprint. The CCDF Tribal Plan Preprint (pre-printed form) allows Tribes to provide a description of its CCDF-funded child care program and serves as the Tribe’s application for CCDF funds. During this consultation, input and suggestions were gathered to develop a CCDF Tribal Plan Preprint that best meets the needs of Tribal communities and the children, families, and child care providers served within Tribal CCDF programs. The consultation session covered topics that are critical to the successful submission of the FY 2023–2025 CCDF Tribal Plan Preprint, including:

  • OCC’s modernization efforts for submitting the FY 2023–2025 CCDF Tribal Plan Preprint document
  • Tribal Leaders’ recommendations about changes to sections of the current CCDF Tribal Plan
  • CCDF Health and Safety standards
  • Incorporating activities using CCDF supplemental funds into your CCDF Plan

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Publication Date: 
June 4, 2021
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