Navigating the Transition to Kindergarten and School-Age Care

The transition to kindergarten is an important milestone in a young child’s life. While this transition is often accompanied by much excitement and anticipation, it can also bring uncertainty and anxiety as children face changes on multiple levels. The range of reactions felt by children also affects their parents and caregivers, as they think about the changes that lie ahead and work with their children to prepare for the transition.

NCASE has developed a research brief, Navigating the Transition to Kindergarten and School-Age Care, on this topic that is so important for young children, their families, and other stakeholders. This brief builds on existing guid­ance about supporting children and fami­lies during the transition to kindergarten by broadening the way parents and stakehold­ers think about this transition to include the school-age programs many young children attend.

This document is also available in Spanish.

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March 17, 2020
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